Best sports set. So fun!

    Literally the best set I’ve ever owned! Ordered last summer and have been enjoying playing with it so so much. The rackets are comfortable to hold. Especially the blue ball is so handy to play with and doesn’t make a lot of noise. Great quality. People in the park always envy me! Would always buy again.

    Lydia /

    Finally good quality

    I’ve always been looking for a beach ball game that has reasonable logging. That is the case here. The balls are comparatively heavy and fly fairly quickly. Nice beach toy!

    Professor /

    Awesome purchase!

    How does it play? Awesome grip. Great racket weight. The balls play fast, so I swapped them out for squash balls to start with when I play with a partner. The balls that come with are great because they bounce and I found a great wall that I can play against for the time being.

    Meghan aus Kanada /