Salt on Wood was founded in 2016 in Munich, Germany and offers high quality wooden Frescobol sets and accessories for the beach.

Why Frescobol?

How do you come up with selling wooden rackets? Legitimate question. But a few years back. In a small surf shop in Portugal, I had bought two wooden rackets, on which the logo of the shop was printed. I remember that the clubs were not cheap, but they looked relatively useful. The ball, which was made of rubber, not plastic, looked pretty solid too. In the next ten days I played, together with my girlfriend more often than expected. After the vacation, however, the rackets landed in oblivion and disappeared in the basement. Fast forward to the winter of 2015/2016. I flew to Thailand with one of my best friends, especially to learn diving. When I prepared my bag, the rackets came to my mind. So they flew along. My thought was that maybe we would play once or twice. At our age (35+), we would certainly have better things to do..